Eurotechzam, S.A.

Madrid, Spain.

(+34) 913 313 709

At Eurotechzam, we specialize in multi-vendor ATM parts, repairs and integrated logistics support.  We provide quality re-manufactured equipment solutions for ATM machines by using new OEM spare parts for new and obsolete modules.

With a commitment to our customers, Eurotechzam specializes in Western, Central and Eastern Europe, and MEA markets providing a worldwide network for hard to find parts.  Supporting a carbon-free environment, we buy your end-of-life inventories for reuse purposes certifying a no-trademark trace.

Desmol, S.L.U.

Madrid, Spain.

(+34) 913 326 812

The repair center hub for all Europe.  Desmol specializes in the repair and remanufacture of Point of Sale equipment, financial printers and ATM equipment.

For hardware damage, class 100 clean room facilities permit us to physically transfer media from hard drives and tape drives into a duplicate unit to recover as much data as possible.

Technology is our core, you can count on us for all your repairs and remanufacturing needs.

Pole Premium, S.A.S.

Paris, France

+33 637 957 637

Pole Premium has become a leading technology solutions provider in one of the most important capitals of Europe.  Service migration solutions and the supplying of hardware equipment are the core activities of Pole Premium.  

Our staff has years of experience in serving the French market.  We are continuing to expand globally, particularly in the African market, by supplying machines, modules and other technology solutions.

Techzam Computer Services, Inc.

Camarillo, California, USA  

(805) 388 3455

Founded in 1988, Techzam is a leading provider of parts and services in three core groups: computer equipment, Automated Teller Machines and Point of Sale.  

We ship around the world from an inventory of over 30,000 new and refurbished parts and complete units

Our service and installation department works and trains to stay at the forefront of technology, providing installation and maintenance services both on-site and in our repair facilities.

Compu Services, S.A. de C.V.

Mexico City, Mexico

(55) 55541542

Debido a la gran demanda de nuestros servicios en América Latina, Compu Services se fundó en 1994.

Un centro de reparación completamente equipado con certificación ISO provee de soluciones a los principales  protagonistas de nuestra industria.  

Compu Services entrega soluciones tecnológicas a instituciones financieras, centros de distribución y compañías de mantenimiento. Hablamos el mismo lenguaje, conocemos la cultura, estamos allí donde nuestros clientes más nos necesitan.  

Sphere Alliance Hong Kong, Ltd.

Hong Kong  

(+86) 186 7556 7049

(+852) 5337 0850

Sphere Alliance Hong Kong is a Banking equipment specialist.  It´s main objective is to provide hardware, services, security, training and software solutions to our financial entities in Asia Pacific.  Sphere Alliance Hong Kong also provides multi-vendor banking hardware and products to the rest of the world.

鑫丝菲尔香港公司作为银行业设备专家,主要为亚太地区的金融机构提供硬件、服务、安全、培训和软件解决方案,同时也为世界其他地区提供多品牌银行硬件设备产品. 看我们的介绍

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